Moving Playlists to Your iPod

Your Mac and your iPod were made for each other, so moving your music to your iPod is an intuitive affair. When you connect your iPod to your Mac, the iPod automatically checks to make sure that the music on your Mac is also on your iPod. Consequently, if you've added new music to your iTunes Library, the iPod checks to make sure it is up to date.


Be aware that an iPod is principally made for only one iTunes Music Library. If you have multiple computers with different music on each, your iPod can be a servant to only one of these masters. Moving an iPod around between different Macs can be less efficient than dedicating an iPod to a particular computer's Library.


Start by plugging your iPod into your Mac. If your iPod came with a dock, connect it to your Mac with the iPod Dock Connector to FireWire cable.


If you're using a Dock, place your iPod into it once it's hooked up to your Mac.

Notice that iTunes opens automatically when it sees your iPod.

iTunes also begins to transfer all the songs and playlists in your Library to your iPod. The icon representing your iPod in the Source list flashes red during the update. Do not disconnect your iPod while music is being transferred.


If this iPod has previously been synced with another Library, you'll get a warning when you hook it up. You'll have the option to override all the music on the iPod and sync it with the new Library, or to cancel the syncing process.

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