Lesson2.DJ a Party with Your iPod

Lesson 2. DJ a Party with Your iPod

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iTunes, iPod


If you have an iPod, about 15 minutes (otherwise, much longer)


Move playlists from iTunes to your iPod

Keep iTunes and your iPod synced together

Plug your iPod into a stereo to play music in public

If you don't have an iPod, skip this lesson. Or go get one.

It's true, an iPod is just a glossy little hard drive that's well-suited for storing, accessing, and (of course) playing music. But if you talk to anyone who uses one, you'll quickly realize it's truly one of the best-designed portable tools you'll see these days. A book like this cannot describe the intense power and joy you will have when you can walk aroundor drive, or flycarrying (hang with me here) not just a few CDs, not just a Discman's worth of songs, but your entire friggin' music collection in your pocket.

Plugging in your headphones and enjoying your collection privately is great, but one day you'll want to take advantage of the fact that where ever you go you can hook up to a land-based stereo system and bring your music to a wider audience.

Christopher and the birthday party head out to a ceramics studio for the "big event," and he wants to bring along his iPod to hook into the studio's sound system for a private DJ experience. Since Jennifer, the studio owner, has an iPod, too (sometimes using it in the studio for special occasions), she's accustomed to this set up and is happy to help make the party as comfortable as possible.

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