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A tribute page to the late Dani Bunten Berry, the tremendously gifted designer of the classic M.U.L.E. and Seven Cities of Gold , and one of the pioneers of multi-player gaming. Includes many of Berry s writings about game design and reflections on her career. Note: the URL for this site has changed numerous times since the first edition of this book came out. If the above link does not work, do a Google search for Dani Bunten Berry to find the most up-to-date location.


Greg Costikyan is best known for his pencil and paper game designs, including the classic games Toon and Paranoia , though he has also done a number of computer games. His web site includes an array of articles he has written, including the very interesting screed, I Have No Words & I Must Design.


Originally published as an e-book, James Hague s book is now available for free on the Internet and is an invaluable source of information about what it was like to work in the gaming industry just as it was starting to establish itself. All information comes straight from the source through a series of interviews with a broad range of subjects, including many whose work is discussed in this book: Eugene Jarvis, Dani Bunten Berry, Dan Gorlin, Brian Moriarty, Ed Rotberg, Chris Crawford, and so on.


One-time Looking Glass Studios programmer Marc LeBlanc understands the more fundamental concepts of game design better than most game designers, as is evidenced by his numerous lectures on game design at the Game Developers Conference and other venues . Most of his works are collected here.


Chris Crawford s current home on the web, centered on his interactive storytelling engine, the Erasmatron. Also includes a vast library of Crawford s writings about game design, including everything he ever wrote for the Journal of Computer Game Design and links to the full text of The Art of Computer Game Design . Required reading.

www. gamasutra .com

Gamasutra is the sister web site of Game Developer magazine. The site runs original content as well as some reprints from the magazine. Within its pages, a vast wealth of information is archived and searchable.

www. gamedev .net

One of the definitive sites about game development on the web and one of Gamasutra s primary rivals. GameDev.net is a much more active site in general, with a broad wealth of knowledge that will be a boon to professionals and hobbyists alike.


Raph Koster s home page on the web, with tons of articles about MMP game design issues. Before becoming lead designer on the original Ultima Underworld , Koster had been involved with the MUD community for some time, and his writings reflect his diverse knowledge of the subject.


A collection of Brian Moriarty s lectures on games. Moriarty is surely one of the most inspirational speakers the community has ever had, and though his lectures may not tell you specific things to do on your next game project, they will force you to reflect on the nature of games and their often challenging development.


This massive site serves the game industry much like the Internet Movie Database does the film industry; though not quite complete, it contains a searchable index of games released for most of the major systems over the last twenty years . Want to know what else the lead designer of your current favorite game worked on previously? Look it up on MobyGames.


The home page for Noah Falstein s game consulting company, The Inspiracy. In addition to being kind enough to comment on and write the foreword for this book, Falstein is the game design columnist for Game Developer magazine, where he has been working on what he calls The 400 Project, an effort to record some 400 rules that apply to game design. The site includes a discussion of The 400 Project, as well as other writings by Falstein and transcripts of some of his talks at the Game Developers Conference.

Game Design Theory and Practice
Game Design: Theory and Practice (2nd Edition) (Wordware Game Developers Library)
ISBN: 1556229127
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 189

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