Searching the Web

These shortcuts apply to the Search Box at the right end of the Navigation Toolbar as shown in Figure B-2.

image from book
Figure B-2: The Search Box offers a handful of search engines that you can cycle through by using the keyboard.

The Search Box on the Navigation Toolbar is completely accessible from the keyboard. Press Ctrl+K (or image from book+K on a Mac) to focus it, type your phrase, and then press Enter.

As I discuss in Chapter 4, the Search Box supports a wide selection of search engines. You can click the icon to open a drop-down list and switch between them, but you can also press Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ (or image from book+ and image from book+ on a Mac) to cycle through them downward or upward, one by one.

Table B-5 lists the shortcuts for searching the Web.

Table B-5: Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Searching




Select the Search Box

Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E

image from book+K or image from book+E

Select the next search engine (see Figure B-2)


Select the previous search engine


Open a list of previous searches



Search for the phrase and load the results in the current tab or window



Search for the phrase and load the results in a new tab



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