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What about the scrollbar component that comes with Flash MX? Wouldn't it be easier to use that instead of writing my own scripts?


Yes. You don't have to learn how to drive if the bus can take you where you want to go. But if you want to learn how to make your own custom ActionScript scrollbar, you'll need to learn these things. However, if the component scrollbar works in a particular situation, you can use that.


Can I create a horizontal scrollbar with this method?


Definitely! All you have to do is find the corresponding horizontal properties of the text field and make some changes to the code. Most of what you need is in this chapter if you understand the concepts.


How about images? Can I use this to make scrolling images?


Yes, but it is not as easy. You can't use scroll or maxscroll , but instead need to modify the location of the movie clip. You will also have to mask the portion of the scrolling movie clip that you don't want seen. It is not an easy task, and a bit beyond the scope of this book, but you now have the basic building blocks.

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