Chapter 15. Advanced Cursors


Oracle® PL/SQL® Interactive Workbook, Second Edition
By Benjamin Rosenzweig, Elena Silvestrova
Table of Contents

Chapter Objectives

In this Chapter, you will learn about:

  • Using Parameters with Cursors and FOR UPDATE Cursors

  • Cursor Variables

In the previous chapter you mastered the basic concepts of cursors. In this chapter you will learn how to dynamically alter the WHERE clause of a cursor by passing parameters to when you call the cursor. You will also learn about cursor variables. Cursor variables are like C pointers; they hold the address or memory location of an object of some type. Cursor variables are very useful for passing query result sets between PL/SQL stored subprograms and various clients. Neither PL/SQL nor any of its clients owns a result set. They simply share a pointer to the query work area that identifies the result set.


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