CONVERT (XP and 2000 only)

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Converts hard drive partitions formatted as FAT and FAT32 to NTFS. CONVERT cannot convert a partition to any file system other than NTFS.


Type CONVERT followed by the drive letter and colon, and then /fs:ntfs followed by any switches. If you were converting drive C to NTFS in the verbose mode (see the switch listings), you would type:

CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs /v

and then press <Enter>.


/fs:ntfs: CONVERT won't work without this switch following the drive letter. fs means file system.

f/nosecurity: Specifies that files and folders already on the drive are accessible to everyone who uses the computer.

/v: Verbose mode. All possible information will be displayed while the conversion is taking place.

/x: Performs all changes to network-mapped drives necessary for the conversion to take place.


  • Any drive in use will be converted at the next boot.

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