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Viruses, spam, and e-mail intruders cost billions of dollars every year. This book delivers the critical information you need to know to help protect your messaging infrastructure in an organization of any size, from the small business to the large enterprise. You gain a fundamental understanding of common security problems, plus inside details, solid advice, and time-tested strategies to enhance server, server/client, client/server, and server/Internet security. Topics include:


  • Security algorithms and protocols
  • Microsoft Windows and Exchange architecture
  • Threat assessment and modeling
  • Physical and operational security

Exchange Server security:

  • Server security basics
  • Securely installing Exchange Server
  • Controlling SMTP relaying and spam
  • Content control and filtering
  • Virus control

Communications security:

  • Securing Internet communications
  • E-mail encryption

Client security:

  • Microsoft Outlook security
  • Outlook Web Access security
  • IMAP and POP security

Advanced topics:

  • Instant Messaging security
  • Message archiving, retention, and disposal

About the Author

Paul Robichaux is a system administrator and messaging architect who has written about and taught Microsoft Exchange Server messaging. He has also helped validate Exchange Server enterprise deployments for security, storage management, and scalability and has developed Exchange Server-related products for a number of major software vendors. He frequently speaks at the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC), and he writes monthly columns about Exchange Server for Windows & .NET Magazine.

Secure Messaging with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
Secure Messaging with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
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