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SALT Speech Application Language Tags

Extensions to HTML that enable telephony and multimodal applications to communicate with external devices and Web services. Governed by the online SALT Forum at http://www.saltforum.org. Microsoft Speech Server is SALT compliant.

Sequence Clustering

New data-mining algorithm expected to be included in the Analysis Services 2005 release. Builds data-mining applications that group similar data into clusters and use sequence analysis to determine the order in which events occur.

SES Speech Engine Services

Key component of Microsoft Speech Server responsible for providing text-to-speech and speech-recognition functionality to multimodal and telephony applications.


Mobile device that integrates voice and data and can function much like a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

SML Semantic Markup Language

XML and many other formats used to represent knowledge available on the World Wide Web are semantic markup languages. For Microsoft Speech Server SDK, output generated by the speech recognizer is stored as SML output and appears as a valid XML document with the top-level element named "SML."

Speech Recognition

Process whereby a computer is able to map a digital speech signal into text. The speech-recognition engine in Microsoft Speech Server converts digital signals into phonemes and then into words before it sends them to the speech application.

Speech Synthesis (see also Text-to-Speech)

Process whereby text typed into a computer is read aloud using a computer-generated voice. For Microsoft Speech Server, this is handled by the prompt and TTS engines. The prompt engine puts together prerecorded words from the prompt database. The TTS engine produces the synthesized output heard by the user.

SQL Structured Query Language

Query language used to access data from a relational database, such as Microsoft SQL Server and other OLE DB compliant databases. The syntax includes high-level commands such as SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE.

SQL Server Management Studio

For the next release of SQL Server (2005), SQL Server Management Studio combines the functionality of Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, and Analysis Manager into one tool for the Administrator.

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    Building Intelligent  .NET Applications(c) Agents, Data Mining, Rule-Based Systems, and Speech Processing
    Building Intelligent .NET Applications(c) Agents, Data Mining, Rule-Based Systems, and Speech Processing
    ISBN: N/A
    EAN: N/A
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 123

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