Throughout this chapter ”and we hope throughout the book ”you've probably noticed that security has taken on a meaning beyond simply "locking down your network connection." Security is taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your computer keeps functioning as you expect. Likewise, the disaster recovery process is the act of restoring your system to that functional state.

It is our hope that in reading this book, you've learned how your computer can safely and effectively be used as an Internet server, how to protect your personal information and ensure that your private communications remain private , and finally, what you should know to keep your computer, your network, and your peace of mind from breaking down should the unthinkable happen.

Security is a rapidly changing and ever-evolving field. By the time you read this, there will be new software, new concerns, and new exploits racing through the Internet. By paying attention to security alerts and software updates, and by using a bit of common sense, you can maintain a secure and reliable Mac OS X.


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Mac OS X Maximum Security
Maximum Mac OS X Security
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