Chapter 15: Working with Enterprise Technologies and Microsoft ISA Server 2004


If you work in an enterprise (usually defined as a midsized to large company), you'll need to support many clients using a range of different technologies. Don't be thrown off, however, by the term enterprise technology; smaller companies also use such technologies, as is the case with digital certificates, which many small companies employ to secure important company Web sites. The technologies we'll cover in this chapter are Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP) and Network Load Balancing (NLB).

CARP is a large Internet content cache that is distributed among array members at each site in the organization—Web chaining can connect other arrays to leverage the cache across the enterprise. Network Load Balancing provides redundancy for your Microsoft ISA servers so that, if one is overwhelmed by traffic, or goes down, the others balance the load.

We explain these technologies briefly and then provide steps that outline how to install, configure, and monitor each one.

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