Section 5.7. Camcorder Basics

5.7. Camcorder Basics

Before PCs, editing video was so labor intensive that most people didn't bother, much to the dismay of family members forced to watch these uncut, unedited, and generally unwatchable marathons. Editing required recording bits of camcorder footage to a VCR in exactly the right sequence, and then recording the VCR's tape back to the camcordera process consuming more time than the two-week Hawaiian vacation the video was meant to capture.

But just as word processors simplified writing, video-editing programs transform video editing into a simple matter of dragging and dropping clips into their playing order. Editing clips is as easy as editing paragraphs, neatly trimming out belches from family picnics.

The following sections explain how to connect your camcorder to your PC, dump its video, and work in Windows XP's built-in video editor, Movie Maker, to transform isolated clips that tell a poignant story. Or, at the very least, an order that leaves out those embarrassing blank stretches of footage where you left the camcorder turned on in the bag.

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