Who Is This Book s Intended Audience?

Who Is This Book's Intended Audience?

This Unleashed book is intended for an intermediate-to-advanced level of user , for both SQL Server administrators and developers who want to understand the SQL Server product more completely to be able to write better Transact-SQL code and applications. If you are responsible for analysis, design, implementation, support, administration, or troubleshooting of SQL Server 2000, this book will provide an excellent source of experiential information. You can think of this as a book of "applied technology." The emphasis is on the more complex aspects of the product, including using the new tools, coding Transact-SQL, server administration, query analysis and optimization, data warehousing, management of very large databases, and performance tuning.

This book is also intended to provide more of a behind-the-scenes look into SQL Server, showing you what goes on behind the various wizards and GUI-based tools so you can learn what the underlying SQL commands are. Although the GUI tools can make the average day-to-day operations much simpler, every database administrator should learn the underlying commands to the tools and wizards to fully unlock the power and capabilities of SQL Server. Besides, you never know when you'll have to manage the server with only a query window available.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0672324679
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 503

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