Applying the Sparks

The sparks used in this project were created with the BCC Sparks effect from the Boris FX Continuum Complete collection of effects. If you don't own that collection, you can download a demo copy from to use in this section. Or, you might be able to create a similar effect using the Particle Playground effect in After Effects Professional (but you're on your own, in that case). Follow these steps:


Go to time 2:00, and add a comp-sized solid layer named Sparks that's colored black (RGB: 0, 0, 0).


Apply Effect > BCC3 Generator > BCC Sparks to the new solid.


Click the Producer XY stopwatch to create a keyframe for the effect's position. Set the keyframe's value to 65, 120 so the sparks start on the left edge of the Logo Comp 1 layer.


Click the Spread stopwatch to add a keyframe for the property, and set its value to 180.


Set the effect's Velocity to 220.


Expand the effect's Orientation property group, and set Rotate to 90.


Go to time 3:00, and change the Producer XY value to 255.0, 120.0 to move the sparks to the right edge of the Logo Comp 1 layer.


Change Spread to 360 to expand the direction the sparks fly as the effect moves.


Press Alt+] (Windows) or Option+] (Mac OS) to trim the Sparks layer's Out point to time 3:00.


Set the Blending Mode of the Sparks layer to Screen in the Timeline's Modes column so layers underneath it are visible.

Save and preview your results. The sparks should move left to right as the logo is unmasked.

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