Adding the Logo Layer

This is the section of the project where the pyrotechnical fun comes in. You'll hide the logo behind a mask and then reveal it with sparks and a burst of light:


Go to time 2:00, and add a new comp-size solid layer named Logo that's any color.


Apply Effect > Zaxwerks > 3D Invigorator to the Logo layer, and open the Rectangle file when prompted.


Click Options in the Effect Controls window for the Logo layer, and apply the same Object Style that you applied to the Gold Bar 1 layer.


Select the Gold Bar layer in the Timeline, press U to display all its keyframes, and then copy only the keyframes that are at time 2:00.


Select the Logo layer, and paste the keyframes at time 2:00. These keyframes align the Logo layer with the Gold Bar layer.


Select the Logo layer, and choose Layer > Pre-Compose; name the new composition Logo Comp 1, and click the Move All Attributes Into The New Composition option. By pre-composing the Logo layer, you ensure the mask applies correctly to the layer after its effects are applied.


Use the Rectangular Mask tool to draw an outline around the Logo layer, leaving lots of room between the solid and the mask.

Masking the Logo Comp 1 layer


Go to time 3:00, and add a keyframe to the effect's Mask Shape.


Go to time 2:00, and move the mask to the left just past the left edge of the logo. These two keyframes wipe the logo into view from left to right.

Animating the mask to start offscreen and slide in from the left


Change the effect's Mask Feather to 7, 7 to soften the wipe's right edge, which leads the logo's reveal.

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