Animating the Flare Brightness

Next, you'll animate the flare's brightness so that it fades in and out when it reveals each section of the title:


Go to time 0;26, and add a keyframe to the Lens Flare effect for 0% Flare Brightness.


Move forward five frames to time 1;01, and change the Flare Brightness to 85%.


Move forward five more frames to time 1;06, and change Flare Brightness back to 0%. These keyframes make the first flare fade in and out.


Click the Flare Brightness property name to select all three keyframes. Copy them, and then paste them at the same point in time as each Flare Center keyframe (1;16, 2;06, 2;26, and 3;16).

Pasting the Flare Brightness keyframes

At this point, your lens flare should fade in to reveal each portion of the title and then fade out.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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