Sketching the Car

There are a number of ways to create a sketch of the Saleen car that is featured in all the movie clips you imported. To make the sketch appear to be drawn onto the screen, you'll animate the Vector Paint effect, so it really doesn't matter how you create the underlying sketch for the initial sequence. You could use one of the filters from the Artistic category in Photoshop to transform the car's appearance into a sketch, or simply draw a stroked path in After Effects. In this project, though, we'll show you how to quickly generate a more malleable sketch by using the Cartooner effect from Boris FX. The primary advantage of using this effect is that the lines the effect generates automatically move as the footage the effect is affecting moves; so, as the Saleen car rotates, the effect's sketch rotates too.

Follow these steps:


Place the Saleen_Car_07.avi file in the Car Timeline at time 3;00.


Apply Effect > BCC3 Effects > BCC Cartooner, and set the effect's property values as listed here:

Edge Source: None

Edges From: Luma

Threshold: 127

Pre Blur: 2

Width: Constant

Stroke Width: 2.5

Stroke Distance: 0

Post Blur: 1

Post Blur Quality: Gaussian Low

Intensity: 50

Color: RGB: 235, 235, 235

Ambient Light, Ambient Follow: 0

Alpha: Source Alpha

Reduce Flicker: Off

Apply Mode: Normal

Apply Mix: 100

Mix with Original: 0

Pixel Chooser: Off

Settings for the BCC Cartooner effect in the Effect Controls window

The Cartooner effect applied to the Saleen_Car_07 layer

In addition to outlining the highlights on the car, the Cartooner effect outlined the shape of the object on the left side of the composition. You don't want that object sketched into the scene, so you'll mask it out next:


To exclude the shape on the left, use the Pen tool to draw a mask around the Saleen car.


The car rotates in the footage, so go to time 6;00 and adjust the shape of the mask if the mask cuts off the car's shape.

Masking the car to restrict the layer's visible area

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