Capturing a Still

You need the car to stay still as it's sketched onto the screen, but the car in the Saleen_Car_07 layer begins rotating as soon as the footage is played. To get around this behavior, you'll capture the first frame of the footage and add the resulting file to the Car Timeline. The captured Photoshop file will play first, followed by the car's footage. You'll animate the Cartooner effect to create a transition between the two sequences:


To capture a frame of the composition, go to time 3;00, choose Composition > Save Frame As > File, and save the file as Car (0;00;03;00).psd to the same location as the main project file. (Notice that the default filename helpfully reflects the name of the comp and the current time.)

The Render Queue window opens for you to render the frame to a file in the next step.


Expand the Output Module option in the Render Queue window, set the Post-Render Action option to Import, and then click Render.

When the rendering is complete, the rendered frame appears in the Project window using the name that you assigned it.

Rendering the captured frame with the Render Queue window


Place the Car (0;00;03;00).psd file in the Car Timeline so it starts at time 0;00 and is above the Saleen_Car_07 layer.


Go to time 3;00, and press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and the ] key to trim the Car (0;00;03;00) layer's Out point to the current time.

Trimming the Photoshop layer's duration


Still at time 3;00, add a Mix With Original keyframe with a value of 0.0 to the Saleen_Car_07 layer's BCC Cartooner effect.


Go to time 5;00, and change the Mix With Original value to 100%.

The Cartooner effect fades away to reveal the Saleen car.

Click the Ram Preview button in the Time Controls palette to view the current results. The still of the sketched car plays (actually, it sits stillheh, heh) for the first three seconds, and then the outlines of the car fade away to reveal the car footage.

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