Flipping Venetian Blinds

You'll animate the TURNING… text by building a false vertical Venetian blinds effect that flips the text to reveal the company name. To accomplish this fake flip, you'll actually squeeze and expand the text and modify the text's existing text Animators:


Expand the TURNING… text layer in the Timeline, and expand its Text group.


Choose Scale from the Animate menu next to the Text group in the Switches column to add a second Animator to the layer.


To help you keep track of what's what in the Timeline, click the Animator 1 name in the Timeline, press Enter or Return on your keyboard, and then type Raining In (since that Animator was created by the Raining Characters In preset). Click the Animator 2 name, press Enter or Return, and type Scale Animator.


Go to time 8;15, and add a 100, 100% Scale keyframe to the Scale Animator. At time 9;00, change the Scale to 0, 100%. Now the TURNING… text squeezes itself into oblivion from time 8;15 to 9;00.


Go to time 9;00, and press Alt + ] (Windows) or Option + ] (Mac OS) to trim the layer's Out point to the current time.


Still at time 9;00, make sure the Horizontal Type tool's properties are set as follows:

Text Size: 24px

Font Family: Arial Black

Alignment: Center Text

Then, choose Layer > New > Text to create a text layer in the middle of the Composition window.


Type TIME HONORED on one line and CONSULTING, INC. on the next line.

Adding the company name


Reveal the Text group for this layer by pressing UU, and then choose Animate > Scale in the Timeline.


Add an Animator Scale keyframe at time 9;00 with a value of 0, 100%, and then go to time 9;15 and change the Scale value to 100, 100%. Now the text expands itself into view just after the TURNING… text layer squeezes itself out of view.


Choose Property > Tracking from the Add menu next to Animator 1, and add a Tracking Amount keyframe of 0 at time 9;15.


Go to time 14;29, and change the Tracking value to 3. This results in the letters moving away from one another very subtly between the two keyframes.

If you preview the animation between time 8;15 and 9;15, you should see the letters in the TURNING… layer squeeze out of view and the letters in the TIME… layer expand into view. When you play the animation in real time, this technique creates the illusion of turning vertical Venetian blinds.

    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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    Year: 2005
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