Sliding In the Phone Number

Only a few more elements remain. Your next task is to bring the company's phone number onto the screen withyou guessed itanother text animation preset. Are you feeling spoiled yet?


At time 10;00, make sure the Horizontal Type tool's properties are still set as follows:

Text Size: 24px

Font Family: Arial Black

Alignment: Center Text

Then, type 800.555.1234.


Set the layer's Position to 360,335. (No keyframe is needed.)


In the Effects & Presets palette, expand * Animation Presets > Text > Animate In, and double-click Smooth Move In to apply it to the 800… text layer.


With the text layer selected, press U to display the layer's keyframes, and then move all the starting keyframes to time 10;00 and all the ending keyframes to time 11;00.

Realigning the keyframes

If you preview the animation between time 10;00 and 11;00, the telephone number falls into place from left to right.

    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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