Chapter 14. Creating Better JavaScript with MochiKit

In This Chapter

  • 14.1 How to Use This Chapter 226

  • 14.2 Introduction to MochiKit and Its Interactive Shell 228

  • 14.3 Base Functions 229

  • 14.4 Iterators in JavaScript 244

  • 14.5 The Document Object Model 249

  • 14.6 Using MochiKit.Logging to Debug 259

  • 14.7 Working with Color 263

  • 14.8 String Conversions and Value Formatting 269

  • 14.9 Summary 272

Leaving the comfortable and predictable world of Python for the wooly wilderness of in-browser JavaScript can be daunting. We've all heard horror stories of strange JavaScript idioms, weird behavior from browser to browser, and the pain of debugging anything in the browser that's used by more than 85 percent of Internet users. Many of us have lived to tell those tales.

Help has arrived, O wary Pythonista! MochiKit has a unique approach in the world of JavaScript libraries: It uses JavaScript the way the language is intended to work, but it also provides many of the functions that are familiar and useful to Python programmers.

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