Section 6.5. Summary

6.5. Summary

  • WhatWhat Status is a real-world project management application developed in TurboGears by Optio Software to track internal projects.

  • WhatWhat Status uses a special feature of SQLObject that automatically creates a some_property attribute for a model object whenever you define a _get_some_property method that returns the value of the some_property attribute.

  • The TurboGears Identity module makes it easy to require that users log in to a site before accessing protected resources.

  • SQLObject join columns can take an orderBy parameter, which will define the default order in which the records from the adjoining table will be returned.

  • The MVC paradigm asks that you put all model-related behavior into your model objects. And SQLObject makes database records into model objects for you. But there's nothing keeping you from wrapping SQLObjects and other data objects in a new class that provides your controllers with a nice model API.

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