Section 1.5. What Can You Do with TurboGears?

1.5. What Can You Do with TurboGears?

TurboGears is designed to help you write web applications. You can write wikis; Flickr-like photo-sharing sites; or a new database-driven, Ajax-enabled, dynamic, web 2.0 fan site for Charlize Theron. Whatever you want, you can do it with TurboGears.

TurboGears is not a content management system, nor is it a giant enterprise application framework. But, you can use it to build a content management application, as somebody already has, or to build enterprise applications, if that's what you need.

TurboGears is currently best suited to those who can control their database structure, but it is rapidly becoming the best "agile language" web framework for those of you who have large, complex databases.

The TurboGears team is integrating SQLAlchemy to bring the ease of TurboGears-style development to people who need more flexibility and power in the way they deal with relational databases. (See Appendix A, "SQLAlchemy," for an introduction to SQLAlchemy.)

As of this writing, people are using TurboGears to build blogs, project management tools, wikis, tag-handling mini-applications, RSS aggregators, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, web front ends for large scientific data processing applications, Java servlet monitoring systems, web-based interfaces for managing virtual servers, community event-planning tools, and dozens of other web applications.

You can think of TurboGears as a super-charged web application complexity-reduction engine, which makes developing all of these kinds of applications easier by automating many of the things you used to have to do by hand.

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