Chapter 18. TurboGears Deployment

In This Chapter

  • 18.1 Choosing Your Production Environment 356

  • 18.2 Using mod_rewrite or mod_proxy to Connect to CherryPy 358

  • 18.3 Running CherryPy on mod_python 363

  • 18.4 Other Ways of Running CherryPy Behind a Web Server 364

  • 18.5 Scalability of Your Site 365

  • 18.6 Summary 366

The Zen of Python says, "There should be one, and preferably only one, right way to do it." But, there are dozens of different TurboGears deployment options. It would certainly be nice to point everybody to one simple deployment scenario, but there's no way to do that without leaving some people out. The Zen of Python also tells us, "Practicality beats purity," so we've worked to support all the major deployment scenarios that you might need.

With all of that said, there are definitely some things to keep in mind, and some deployment configurations that perform better than others. This chapter outlines a couple of the most popular configurations and explains why you might want to choose one deployment configuration over another.

Much of this chapter was written by Remi Delon, a key force behind CherryPy. This intimate knowledge of CherryPy's inner workings, along with Remi's experience with TurboGears application deployment at WebFaction, means there's a lot of real-world experience behind the advice in this chapter.

WebFaction started in 2002 as a hosting provider specializing in Python. It has since grown into an all-around hosting company, offering a fast and reliable service for a reasonable price. But most of all, the team is a friendly group of Python experts, some of whom are CherryPy core developers. In our experience, this makes WebFaction a great choice if you are planning on hosting your TurboGears sites on a shared server at an ISP (

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