Section 15.4. Summary

15.4. Summary

  • MochiKit.Async makes it trivial to retrieve data asynchronously from your Turbo-Gears server, providing your users with a responsive feel and up-to-date data.

  • Async also lets you use exactly the same model for handling timed events within the browser.

  • MochiKit.Signal gives you a consistent view and simple API for handling browser events, which is a key building block for sophisticated applications that perform actions based on user actions such as drag-and-drop or key presses.

  • MochiKit.Visual gives your application a refined and fun appearance from simple features such as rounding the corners of your borders to complex animated transitions.

  • In desktop applications, users take drag-and-drop for granted as a part of the experience. With MochiKit.Sortable and MochiKit.DragAndDrop, you can bring your web application up to the desktop-application standard with surprisingly little code.

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