Message Formats

The GroupWise client supports two message formats: HTML and plain text. Plain text provides limited functionality for formatting messages. HTML provides a much richer set of options for formatting messages, including the ability to insert pictures, tables, bullets, numbers, and so on. If users send mail to you in different formats, the client can read messages in either format. Be aware that if a user sends you an HTML-formatted message and your default read view is plain text, you may not see all the formatting options that the sender applied to the message. You can easily switch between formats as you read or compose items if you suspect a formatting mismatch. You may also set a default format for composing and reading messages to one of these two specific options. Chapter 11, "Customizing GroupWise," discusses how to set up your default message format. Figure 3.4 shows an example of composing an HTML-formatted message.

Figure 3.4. GroupWise allows you to enhance mail messages using the HTML format.


When composing mail in HTML view, you can press Ctrl+Z to undo and Ctrl+Y to redo any action performed while typing your message. This capability is helpful if you paste content into the message body and then want to undo the paste operation. Pressing Ctrl+Y would redo the paste operation as well.

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