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Novell® GroupWise 7 User's Handbook
By Eric Raff
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: September 22, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32789-9
Pages: 432

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   Introduction to GroupWise 7
      Chapter 1: Introduction to GroupWise 7
      Chapter 2: What's New in GroupWise 7
      Chapter 3: Messaging Fundamentals
      Chapter 4: The GroupWise Address Book
      Chapter 5: Message Management
      Chapter 6: Personal Calendaring and Task Management
      Chapter 7: Group Calendaring and Task Management
      Chapter 8: Advanced Features
      Chapter 9: Document Management
      Chapter 10: Remote Access
      Chapter 11: Customizing GroupWise
      Chapter 12: GroupWise on a PDA
      Chapter 13: GroupWise WebAccess
      Appendix A: GroupWise Cross-Platform Client
      Appendix B: GroupWise Startup Options
      Appendix C: Additional GroupWise Resources
      Appendix D: POP Versus IMAP Accounts
       Chapter 1.  Introduction to GroupWise 7
      Different Versions of GroupWise
      Starting GroupWise
      The Main GroupWise Screen
      The Home View
      The Folder List and Items Area
      Navigating Within GroupWise
       Chapter 2.  What's New in GroupWise 7
      Look and Feel
      WebAccess Client
       Chapter 3.  Messaging Fundamentals
      GroupWise Modes
      Message Types
      Message Formats
      Sending Messages
      Reading Messages
      Working with the QuickViewer
      Working with Attachments
      Replying to Messages
      Forwarding Messages
      Deleting Messages
      Restoring Messages
      Purging Messages
       Chapter 4.  The GroupWise Address Book and the Address Selector
      Introducing Address Book Features
      Configuring the Address Book Service
      Addressing Messages with the Address Book
      Creating Personal Address Books
      Searching the Address Book
      Integrating This Address Book with Other Systems
      Using the Address Selector
      Creating a New Personal Group with the Address Selector
       Chapter 5.  Message Management
      Organizing Messages Using Folders
      Managing Messages Using Folders
      Using Message Threading in a Folder
      Finding Messages
      Using Filters to Manage Your Messages
      Archiving Messages
      Saving Messages
      Printing Messages
      Using the Checklist
      Using Categories
      Managing Outgoing Messages
      Managing the Trash
       Chapter 6.  Personal Calendaring and Task Management
      Working with Calendars
      Using the Calendar Interface
      Making Posted Appointments
      Creating Posted Tasks
      Posting Reminder Notes
      Rescheduling Appointments, Tasks, and Reminder Notes
      Changing Calendar Item Types
       Chapter 7.  Group Calendaring and Task Management
      Scheduling Meetings
      Sending Tasks
      Sending Reminder Notes
      Monitoring Appointments, Tasks, and Notes
      Retracting Appointments, Tasks, and Notes
      Acting on Received Appointments, Tasks, and Notes
      Creating Recurring Items Using Auto-Date
      Multi-User Calendars
      Printing Calendars
       Chapter 8.  Advanced Features
      GroupWise Rules
      Using the Proxy Feature
      Specifying Send Options
      My Subject
      Creating Discussions (Posted Messages)
      Mailbox Setup and Maintenance Features
      Internet-Enabled Features
      Junk Mail Handling
      Managing Your Mailbox Size
      Repairing Your Mailbox
       Chapter 9.  Document Management
      Introducing Document Libraries
      Importing Documents into a Library
      Creating New Documents
      Creating Document References
      Checking Out Documents
      Checking In Documents
      Copying Documents
      Deleting Documents
      Searching for Documents
      Sharing Documents
      Using the Find Results Folders with Document Management
      Performing Mass Document Operations
      Echoing Documents to Your Remote Mailbox
       Chapter 10.  Remote Access
      Connecting to Your Mailbox Using Remote Mode
      Configuring the GroupWise Client
      Modifying Your GroupWise Remote Options
      Using GroupWise in Remote Mode
      Understanding Hit the Road
      Understanding Smart Docking
      Understanding Cache Mode
       Chapter 11.  Customizing GroupWise
      Setting Default Options
      Environment Options
      Send Options
      Security Options
      Date Time Options
      Customizing the Home View
      Customizing the Nav Bar
      Customizing the Toolbar
      Customizing Your Folders
      Show Appointment As
      Other Customization Tips and Tricks
       Chapter 12.  GroupWise on a PDA
      Synchronizing GroupWise with a PDA Device
      Accessing GroupWise on a Wireless Device
      System Requirements
      Accessing Your GroupWise Mailbox
       Chapter 13.  GroupWise WebAccess
      Running WebAccess
      Sending Messages
      Managing Messages
      Managing the Address Book
      Using the Calendar
      Accessing Other Mailboxes (Proxy)
      Using GroupWise WebAccess Find
      Locating Documents
      Configuring Mailbox Options
       Appendix A.  GroupWise Cross-Platform Client
      New Features
       Appendix B.  GroupWise Startup Options
      Helping GroupWise Locate Your Mailbox
      Connecting to GroupWise
      Calling Up the Startup Dialog Box
      Other Useful GroupWise Startup Options
       Appendix C.  GroupWise Resources
      Using the F1 Key
      Using the Help Button
      About Toolbar Help
      Using the Help Menu
      Viewing the Online GroupWise User's Guide
      Information About GroupWise Cool Solutions
      Accessing the Novell GroupWise Product Information Page
      Tip of the Day
      About GroupWise
       Appendix D.  POP Versus IMAP Accounts
      POP3 and IMAP4: What They Are
      Comparing POP3 to IMAP4

Novell GroupWise 7 User's Handbook
Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook
ISBN: 0672327899
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 213
Authors: Eric Raff

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