Configuring Mailbox Options

As we discussed in Chapter 11, "Customizing GroupWise," you have many options for customizing your mailbox, such as the signature, default send options, password, and so on. The GroupWise WebAccess client gives you access to the more commonly used options. Click the Options link in the upper right of the main WebAccess screen, and the screen shown in Figure 13.15 is displayed.

Figure 13.15. You can configure your mailbox options from the GroupWise WebAccess client using this screen (Send Options shown).

The following tabs are available in the Mailbox Options screen:

  • General Used to configure the number of messages displayed in one screen.

  • Password Used to change your GroupWise password.

  • Proxy Access Used to grant or modify proxy rights to others for accessing your mailbox.

  • Rules Used to set up basic rules (Delete, Forward, Move to Folder, Reply, Vacation).

  • Send Options Includes default classification, priority, reply, and notification options.

  • Signature Used to provide the text to be added at the end of sent messages.

  • Time Zone Used to configure your local time zone. This applies only to the GroupWise WebAccess account, not to your master mailbox.

Make your selections and click Save to apply them to your mailbox.

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