Sending Messages

Sending messages from the WebAccess client is as simple as reading them. The New button on the Toolbar allows you to compose any new item type including new mail, appointments, tasks, notes, phone messages, as well as any posted item types. A new WebAccess mail message screen is shown in Figure 13.4. Enter each field just as you would normally and click Send when you're done.

Figure 13.4. You can send messages easily with WebAccess.


Auto-name completion is now a feature of the WebAccess client. This feature works off the names in your Frequent Contacts address book. You simply begin typing a name into the To, CC, or BC field of an item, and WebAccess auto-completes the name for you. This makes addressing messages through WebAccess as quick and easy as when using the Windows client.

Across the top of the new item window, a Toolbar and three additional tabs are accessible. The Toolbar enables you to save the message so you can complete it later, spell check the message, change the item type of the message, and so on. The tabs allow you to attach files, set send options, or apply a signature to the message.

To attach a file, click the Attachments tab and use the Browse button to find the files to attach. Click Attach to add the files to the attachment list. If you want to remove an attachment, select it and then click the Remove button. After you have added all attachments to the message, click Send to send the message with all displayed attachments.

The Send Options tab allows you to set the classification, priority, reply options, and return notification on the message.


To find names in the Address Book while you are composing a new message, click the Address Book button on the Toolbar to search for contacts in the system or personal address books.

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