Chapter12.GroupWise on a PDA

Chapter 12. GroupWise on a PDA

The use of personal digital assistant (PDA) devices today is widespread. PDAs offer great benefits because these simple and compact devices provide access to your data. PDAs also support most of the message types that GroupWise supports, so naturally, you want to keep your PDA in sync with your GroupWise data. This chapter covers two aspects of using a PDA with GroupWise. The first method outlines how to keep the data in sync between your GroupWise mailbox and the PDA. To synchronize with GroupWise, your PDA must either be a Palm OS or Pocket PC/Windows Mobilebased PDA.

The second method explains how you can access your GroupWise mailbox from a PDA using a mini web browser on the PDA and a connection to the Internet or your corporate network. In this case, your PDA could be a telephone, Palm OS, Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, or any other such device that allows you to connect to the Internet.

It is important that you understand the difference between accessing and synchronizing when talking about PDAs. GroupWise allows you access, meaning that if your PDA can open a web browser and you see web pages, it can access your GroupWise information.

Synchronizing is a software-based means to copy the information in your GroupWise mailbox to your PDA, where you can access it regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet. You accomplish this by using the GroupWise PDA Connect program or third-party software tools.

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