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Multidimensional Databases: Problems and Solutions strives to be the point of reference for the most important issues in the field of multidimensional databases. This book provides a brief history of the field and distinguishes between what is new in recent research and what is merely a renaming of old concepts. The book reviews past papers and discusses current research projects in the hope to encourage the search for new solutions to the many problems that are still unsolved. In addition Multidimensional Databases: Problems and Solutions outlines the incredible advances in technology and ever increasing demands from users in the most diverse applicable areas such as finance, medicine, statistics, business, and many more. Many of the most distinguished and well-known researchers have contributed to this book writing about their own specific field.

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Maurizio Rafanelli is senior scientist at the Istituto di Analisi dei Sistemi ed Informatica “A. Ruberti” and in charge of the research area, “Information Systems and Knowledge Bases for Complex Information Structures.” He is author and co-author of many international publications (journals, conferences, books, etc.). He has been a program committee member of various international conferences and cooperates with many journals as a reviewer. He is author of the entry, “Data Models in Statistical and Scientific Databases,” in the Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology (Kent & Williams, Exec. Eds).

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