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multidimensional databases: problems and solutions
Multidimensional Databases: Problems and Solutions
by Maurizio Rafanelli (ed) ISBN:1591400538
Idea Group Publishing 2003 (443 pages)

These 13 studies on multidimensional databases introduce properties and peculiarities of such databases; and reveal the history, current state, and future prospects of the field.

Table of Contents
Multidimensional Databases—Problems and Solutions
Chapter I - Basic Notions
Chapter II - Multidimensionality in Statistical, OLAP, and Scientific Databases
Chapter III - Conceptual Multidimensional Models
Chapter IV - Hierarchies
Chapter V - Operators for Multidimensional Aggregate Data
Chapter VI - Time in Multidimensional Databases
Chapter VII - Dynamic Multidimensional Data Cubes
Chapter VIII - Materialized Views in Multidimensional Databases
Chapter IX - Querying Multidimensional Data
Chapter X - Incomplete Information in Multidimensional Databases
Chapter XI - Privacy in Multidimensional Databases
Chapter XII - Source Integration for Data Warehousing
Chapter XIII - Cooperation with Geographic Databases
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Multidimensional Databases: Problems and Solutions
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