Chapter 5. Cluster Systems Management (CSM)

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In this chapter, we explain the concepts of Cluster Systems Management (CSM) used for setting up and managing a cluster of nodes running the Linux operating system on IBM pSeries hardware. More specifically , we discuss how to set up the CSM management environment to manage a cluster of Linux nodes.

The following topics are discussed:

  • 5.1, "CSM concepts and architecture" on page 212

  • 5.2, "CSM planning, installation and configuration" on page 222

  • 5.3, "CSM administration" on page 251

  • 5.5, "CSM interoperability" on page 272

  • 5.6, "Future of CSM" on page 277

This chapter is based on the functionality of the Cluster System Manager software running with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server-8 (SLES 8) on IBM pSeries hardware. At the time of writing, SLES 8 is the only supported and recommended version of operating system for pSeries Linux.

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