Chapter4.Planning the Organizational Processes

Chapter 4. Planning the Organizational Processes


  • PlanningSix Pillars of EPM

  • Defining Your EPM Scope

  • Best Practices

Generally, Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is an organizationwide managerial philosophy based on the principle that an organization's goals are achievable through a web of simultaneous projects. This often calls for a systematic approach and includes corporate strategy projects, operational improvements, and organizational transformation, as well as traditional development projects.

Making an EPM solution a reality means developing a structure aimed at transforming the organization into a more dynamic, project-driven enterprise. For that to happen, the initial phase of the deployment needs to be well grounded so that subsequent implementation phases are carried out successfully.

Deployment of an EPM solution involves participation of representatives from all departments. Ideally, deployment efforts must be coordinated by the Project Management Office (PMO). If your organization does not have a PMO, the deployment of an EPM solution could be coordinated by the Information Technology (IT) department.

Independent of the coordinating structure in the organization, the EPM deployment project must follow the project governance rules established in your company. These rules should clearly define who the ultimate approval authority in the organization is and who will approve moving the project from one phase to the next.

Project management books teach that to be successful, any project must have a clearly defined scope. An EPM solution deployment project makes no exception. Defining the boundaries of the project is not easy. What will be included and what will be excluded from the scope of the project must be established up front.

Defining the scope of the deployment helps the organization manage expectations of end users of the system or those of the sponsors. It helps set the appropriate criteria for project acceptance and determines how the project should be measured.

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