Chapter 26. Enterprise Project Management

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In this chapter

Using the Project Center Views

Using Project Center Build Team

Opening and Using Multiple Projects

Check-in Projects from Project Center

Using Administrative Projects

Analyzing Enterprise Projects

Using Enterprise Templates

Working with Enterprise Versions

Working with Enterprise Project Codes

Chapter 24, "An Overview of Microsoft Office Project Server 2003," identifies several roles for users of Microsoft Project Professional, including project managers, portfolio managers and executives, and server administrators.


No matter what your role is, we recommend that you read all of Part VIII, "Using Project Server and Project Professional," to get a comprehensive understanding of the available features and capabilities.

Chapter 24 also reviews the general architecture of Project Server, Project Web Access, and Microsoft Project 2003 Professional. You should become familiar with those concepts before reading this chapter.

This chapter describes how project managers use the features and capabilities of Project Web Access and Project Professional 2003.


In this chapter, we will generally refer to projects and resources from the sample database provided with the Microsoft Office Project 2003 installation media. Refer to the Project Server installation wizard for more details on installing and using the sample database.


Each new feature of Microsoft Office Project 2003 is listed in Table 26.1, along with the project management functions that the feature supports. These and other features are described within this chapter.

Table 26.1. New Microsoft Office Project 2003 Features for Project Managers

New Project Web Access and Project Professional Features

Project Management Functions


Restores the original Group and Filter conditions of Project Center views

Open multiple projects

Project Center allows you to open multiple projects within a single Microsoft Project session

Build team

Resources can be added to projects from the Project Web Access Project Center

Administrative projects

Manage non-project time with special Administrative projects

Self Check-in projects

Allows project managers to release database locks in case of problems

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