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Missing Imported Data


I imported data into Microsoft Project, but I can't see the data in Project. What have I done wrong?

Make sure you have used an appropriate import map. If the field names in the map don't exist or are mismatched with Project fields, you might not have imported any data. Also, make sure you are using the appropriate view or table. If you imported resource data and then used a task view, you would not see the data. Likewise, if the Project table in the current view does not include the fields you imported, you do not see the imported data.

Malfunctioning PivotTable Map

The last field row is not red in my PivotTable map, and it doesn't display the Pivot Data Field: prefix. Can I fix it?

Even though a map might be designed for exporting to a PivotTable, if you start the Save As command by choosing any format other than Microsoft Excel PivotTable, the map does not display the last field in red and generates a regular worksheet instead of a PivotTable. Of course, you can manually create a PivotTable based on the worksheet in Excel.

Empty Exported PivotTable

After exporting project data to an Excel PivotTable, I find that the PivotTable sheet has no data in it. What's the problem?

Project cannot format an Excel PivotTable if there are more than eight fields in the data set. If the export map includes more than eight fields, Project exports the field data but is unable to create the initial PivotTable. However, you can use Excel's PivotTable Wizard Layout dialog box to place the fields in a PivotTable.

Remember that if you include task names, Project adds a field for each outline level that is used in the project; therefore, if a project has multiple outline levels, it's easy to exceed the maximum number of fields that Project can handle.

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