Printing Project s Predesigned Reports

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Printing Project's Predesigned Reports

Project has designed reports for you to use; you can customize these reports or create your own reports. Of the 29 total predesigned reports, 22 have been divided into five standard categories of reports and are available by choosing View, Reports.


From the Project Guide toolbar, click the Report tool, and in the sidepane click the radio button Select a Report to Print Project Information. Then click the Display Reports hyperlink. This displays the Reports dialog box shown in Figure 13.20.

Figure 13.20. You can select one of the categories in the Reports dialog box to choose from several impressive built-in reports.


You can double-click the category of reports that you want to view, or you can click a category and choose Select. A subsequent dialog box lists the individual reports available for each category (see Table 13.2).

Table 13.2. Project's Predefined Reports


Report Name


Project Summary

Top-Level Tasks

Critical Tasks


Working Days (Base Calendar)

Current Activities

Unstarted Tasks

Tasks Starting Soon

Tasks in Progress

Completed Tasks

Should Have Started Tasks

Slipping Tasks


Cash Flow


Overbudget Tasks

Overbudget Resources

Earned Value


Who Does What

Who Does What When

To-Do List

Overallocated Resources


Task Usage

Resource Usage

A final category, Custom, includes all the reports that fall into the five categories as well as the remaining reports: Cross Tab, Resource, Resource (Material), Resource (Work), Resource Usage (Material), Resource Usage (Work), and Task.

After you select a report, you are taken into the Print Preview screen. From there, you can access the Page Setup and Print dialog boxes. To print a report, simply choose the Print button in the preview screen.

You use the Page Setup dialog box, the Print Preview screen, and the Print dialog box options the same way for reports as for views, as discussed in earlier sections of this chapter. Due to the nature of the reports, some of the page setup and print options might not be available. See the earlier sections "Changing the Page Setup" and "Using the Print Commands" for more information on these options.

To learn more about the built-in reports in Microsoft Project, see Chapter 22, "Using and Customizing the Standard Reports," p. 877 .

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