There's no way to cover every aspect of Web programming in this book. Indeed, there are dozens of books available that cover nothing but Web programming using the Visual Basic .NET environment. Most of those books have numerous examples using server-side Web pages using Web controls. As a change of pace, our efforts here have concentrated on using the HTML (client-side) controls. You could, of course, use the Web Form controls instead, using the same general layout as shown in Figure 26.16. (You can distinguish between the two controls by the small box with a green triangle that appears near the upper-left corner of each Web control.) Although the HTML script generated by Visual Basic .NET using Web Form controls is slightly different, you should have no trouble converting between the two types of controls.

In this chapter, you've learned how static and dynamic Web pages work and the difference between client-side and server-side processing of those pages. We also developed a simple client-side program using a dynamic Web page. Once again, you might try your hand at creating your own dynamic Web page application using server-side processing; it would be a worthwhile learning experience.

Visual Basic .NET. Primer Plus
Visual Basic .NET Primer Plus
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