Section 10.1. Setting Up Windows Mail

10.1. Setting Up Windows Mail

The first time you use Mail (Start All Programs Windows Mail), youre prompted to plug in the Internet addresses and codes that tell the program where to find your email.

Note: If you used the Vista program called Easy Transfer Wizard to bring over your files and settings from an older PC, Windows Mail is probably already set up quite nicely . If that's the case, skip to the next section.

Click Next to step through the wizard's interview process, during which you'll provide the following information:

  • Display Name . The name that should appear in the "From:" field of the email you send.

  • Email Address . The email address you chose when you signed up for Internet services, such as

  • Mail Servers . Enter the information your ISP provided about its mail servers: the type of server, the name of the incoming mail server, and the name of the outgoing mail server. Most of the time, the incoming server is a POP3 server and its name is connected to the name of your ISP. It might be, for example, or

The outgoing mail server (the SMTP server ) usually looks something like or

  • Logon Name and Password . Enter the name and password provided by your ISP. This is generally your full email address and the password you already created.

If you wish, turn on "Remember password," so that you won't have to enter it each time you want to collect mail. ( Turn on Secure Password Authentication [SPA] only if instructed by your ISP or network administrator.)

Click Finish to close the wizard and open Windows Mail.

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