6.4 TMTP TDW maintenance tips

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6.4 TMTP TDW maintenance tips

This section provides information about maintaining and troubleshooting the Tivoli Data Warehouse.

Backing up and restoring

The dbrest.bat script in the misc\tools directory is an example script that shows you how to restore the three databases on an NT or 2000 Microsoft® Windows System.


If you have established a schedule to automatically run the data mart ETL process steps on a periodic basis, occasionally manually prune the logs in the directory %DB2DIR%\logging.

The BWM_m05_s050_mart_prune step prunes the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly fact tables as soon as they have data older than three months.

If you schedule the data mart ETL process to run daily, as recommended, you do not need to schedule pruning separately.

Duplicate row problem due to Source ETL process hangs


The TMTP Version 5.2 process BWM_c10_cdw_process hangs and you restart the Data Warehouse or DB2. When you then try to rerun the BWM_c10_cdw_process, you will get duplicate row problem (see Figure 6-4 on page 192). This is because the TDW keeps a pointer to the last record it has processed. If the TDW is restarted during processing, the pointer will be incorrect and the BWM_c10_cdw_process may re-process some data.

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Figure 6-4: Duplicate row at the TWH_CDW


The cleancdw.sql script (see Example 6-2) will clean the BWM source information if we need to clean TMTP database information from TWH_CDW.

Example 6-2: cleancdw.sql

start example
 CONNECT to twh_cdw Delete from TWG.compattr Delete from TWG.compreln Delete from TWG.msmt Delete from TWG.comp Delete from bwm.comp_name_long Delete from bwm.comp_attr_long UPDATE TWG.Extract_control SET EXTCTL_FROM_INTSEQ=-1 UPDATE TWG.Extract_control SET EXTCTL_TO_INTSEQ=-1 
end example

We then need to run the resetsequences.sql script (see Example 6-3) to reset the TMTP ETL1 process after running the cleancdw.sql script.

Example 6-3: resetsequences.sql

start example
 CONNECT to twh_cdw UPDATE TWG.Extract_control SET EXTCTL_FROM_INTSEQ=-1 UPDATE TWG.Extract_control SET EXTCTL_TO_INTSEQ=-1 UPDATE TWG.Extract_control SET ExtCtl_From_DtTm='1970-01-01-' UPDATE TWG.Extract_control SET ExtCtl_To_DtTm='1970-01-01-' 
end example


The extract_win.bat script resets the Extract Control window for the warehouse pack. You should use this script only to restart the Extract Control window for the BWM_m05_Mart_Process. If you want to reset the window to the last extract, use the extract_log to get the last values of each DB2 (BWM) extract.

The bwm_c10_CDW_process.bat script executes the BWM_c10_CDW_Process from the command line. The bwm_m05_MART_Process.bat script executes the BWM_m05_Mart_Process from the command line.

The bwm_upgrade_clear.sql script undoes all the changes that the bwm_c05_s030_upgrade_convertdata process made. This script helps with troubleshooting for the IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance Version 5.1 upgrade process. If errors are raised during the data converting, use this script to help clear up the converted data. After the problem is fixed, you can rerun the bwm_c05_s030_upgrade_convertdata process to continue the upgrade and migration.

For more details about managing the Tivoli Data Warehouse, see the Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse manuals and the following Redbooks:

  • Planning a Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse Project, SG24-6608

  • Introduction to Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse, SG24-6607

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