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Chapter 4: TMTP WTP Version 5.2 Installation and Deployment

Example 4-1: Output of the oslevel -r command
Example 4-2: Management Server $installation_root
Example 4-3: View install depot

Chapter 5: Interfaces to Other Management Tools

Example 5-1: Configure TEC

Chapter 6: Keeping the Transaction Monitoring Environment Fit

Example 6-1: MbeanServer HTTP enable
Example 6-2: cleancdw.sql
Example 6-3: resetsequences.sql
Example 6-4: Weblogic TMTP script entry
Example 6-5: Weblogic Class Path and Arguments fields

Chapter 8: Measuring E-Business Transaction Response Times

Example 8-1: JavaScript call
Example 8-2: Virtual host configuration for QoS monitoring multiple application servers

Chapter 9: Rational Robot and GenWin

Example 9-1: Java Label Verification Point
Example 9-2: Script ARM API declaration
Example 9-3: ARM API Variables
Example 9-4: Initializing the ARM application handle
Example 9-5: Retrieving the transaction handle
Example 9-6: Specifying the transaction start
Example 9-7: Specifying the transaction stop
Example 9-8: ARM cleanup
Example 9-9: Stashing obfuscated password to file
Example 9-10: Retrieving the password
Example 9-11: Using the retrieved password

Chapter 10: Historical Reporting

Example 10-1: Current applications control heap size on the TWH_CDW database
Example 10-2: Output from db2 update db cfg for TWH_CDW
Example 10-3: How to connect TWH_CDW

Appendix B: Using Rational Robot in the Tivoli Management Agent Environment

Example B-1: Stashing obfuscated password to file
Example B-2: Retrieving the password
Example B-3: Using the retrieved password

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