Lesson9.Advanced GarageBand Tips and Techniques

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Lesson 9. Advanced GarageBand Tips and Techniques

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This lesson takes approximately 1 hour to complete.


Monitor the CPU with the playhead


Change Preferences settings to accommodate a slower processor


Mix down tracks to iTunes and bring the file back to GarageBand


Drag a Real Instrument recording from a project file to the Timeline


Add loops to GarageBand through the Loop Browser


Select and move multiple control points


Work with the Instrument Tuner


Join noncontiguous regions to create a merged region


Understand and edit sustain and pitch bend in the Track Editor


Search for loops by scale

At this point, if you've been following along with all of the lessons, you know how to create tracks, record Real Instruments and Software Instruments, arrange music, edit regions, add effects, mix, and export the finished song to iTunes. So what's left? Now that you understand the basic GarageBand features and techniques, there are some advanced features that may be useful as you create more complex compositions.

The goal in this lesson is to cover a lot of different advanced GarageBand features, functions, tips, and techniques. Note that some of the information in this lesson is not documented in the GarageBand Help, so be prepared to proceed into uncharted territories, and by all means do try these techniques at home.

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