Adding a Touch of Silly Music

Finally, a bit of music to finish this project. Remember, these last two steps (funny sound effects and music) apply only if you are constructing a humorous clip. If you are using the Reverse Action effect for other purposessuch as creating various cinematic illusions for action, adventure, or sci-fi projectsthen leave off the funny sounds and music and replace them with the sounds and music appropriate to your project. On the DVD that accompanied this book, we've provided you with a selection courtesy of the SmartSound folks. It's an edited version of their clip, Fetch the Bone, from their Comedy CD, available on their website,

Add Some Music

Click the Get Media from button on the Media panel to access the Get Media from view, if it's not already active.

Select DVD, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, Hard Drive Camcorder, Card Reader.

When the Media Downloader displays, click the Advanced Dialog button to switch to Advanced mode.

Select the cartoon_music.wav clip.

Click the Get Media button.

Select the cartoon_music.wav clip on the Media panel and drag and drop it onto the Timeline in the Audio 3 track.


Be sure that you drag the cartoon_music.wav clip so that the head (start) of the clip is right up against the very start of the Audio 3 track.

In the Properties panel for the cartoon_music.wav clip, click the Fade Out button for Clip Volume.

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Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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