Chapter 2: Examining the Project Management Framework

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Project management, the ability to get things done, must support the higher vision of the organization the project management activities are occurring in. Projects must be in alignment with the organization's vision, strategy, tactics, and goals. Projects that are not in alignment with the higher vision of the organization won't be around long-or, at best, they are doomed to fail.

At the launch of a project, the project manager must have inherited the vision of the project. They must understand why the project is being created and what its purpose in the organization is. It's beneficial to also know the priority of the project and its impact on the organization. A project to install pencil sharpeners throughout the company's shop floor may be important, but not as significant as the project to install new manufacturing equipment on the shop floor.

In this chapter, we'll cover how the life of a project, the interest of stakeholders, and the organization's environment will influence the success and completion of projects.

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