Section 1.10. To Learn More

1.10. To Learn More

Today's bookshelves are full of books about computer security: its meaning, its impact, and the people involved in preventing malicious behavior. However, two key works form the foundation for much of subsequent work in computer security: the exploration of vulnerabilities and controls by Ware [WAR79] and the security technology planning study by Anderson [AND72]. The concepts and ideas put forth are still relevant, even though the papers are several decades old.

Three very good surveys of the field of computer security are Denning's classic textbook [DEN82], much of which is still valid, and the more recent textbooks by Gollmann [GOL99] and Bishop [BIS03]. Also, Schneier's book [SCH00a] is an enjoyable overview.

Some sources focus on a particular aspect of security. Confidentiality is explored by the Dennings [DEN79a], and integrity is studied carefully by Welke and Mayfield [WEL90, MAY91, NCS91b]. Availability considerations are documented by Pfleeger and Mayfield [PFL92] and by Millen [MIL92].

Since 1991, the National Research Council of the National Academy of Science has published seven reports on the state of aspects of computer security. The first volume [NRC91] lays out the significant risk of the then current state of computing. Frighteningly, the latest report [NRC02] concludes: "not much has changed with respect to security as it is practiced." These volumes are worth reading for their realistic assessment of today's threats and preparedness.

For further study of threats affecting computer systems, see Denning [DEN99]. The hard-to-find paper by Grant and Richie [GRA83] presents a compelling threat example. For examples of how computer system vulnerabilities have actually been exploited, you may want to read [STO89], [SHI96], and [FRE97].

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