How do I know whether Excel can fill a series I have started?


Enter the first couple of values, select the cells , and drag the selection's fill handle to the right or down, depending on your desired fill direction. As you drag the fill handle, Excel shows, in a ScreenTips-like pop-up box, which values will fill in the series. If Excel does not recognize the series, the pop-up values won't be correct. You then can teach Excel the new series as explained in this hour or enter the remaining values by hand. In many instances, you will be surprised at the power of Excel; if the first two values in your series are 10 and 20, for example, Excel guesses that you want to extend the series by 10s.


Why does Excel sometimes select additional cells when all I want to do is extend a series?


You must be dragging the cell 's contents, not the fill handle. Be sure that you drag the fill handle when you want Excel to complete the series. If you drag with one of the cell's straight edges rather than its fill handle, Excel attempts to move the cell contents from their original location to your dragging target; therefore, be careful that you have grabbed the fill handle when you are ready for the fill.

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