How can I assign a task to a specific day?


You cannot assign tasks to days. Tasks transcend days because tasks are one-time or recurring items that you must accomplish within a certain time frame, but not on a particular day. Perhaps you are only confusing Outlook terminology. If you want to assign a particular event to a time and day, assign an appointment or meeting. Tasks are items that you must accomplish and that you can track and assign to other people, but tasks are not tied to a specific time and date.


After I set a reminder, how does Outlook inform me of the appointment, meeting, or event?


You must continually run Outlook during your computing sessions for Outlook to monitor and remind you of things you have to do. Outlook is one program that you probably want to add to your Windows Startup folder so that Outlook always starts when you start Windows. Outlook cannot remind you of pending appointments if you are not running it.

Outlook tracks incoming and outgoing events. Also, as you learned in the previous hour , Outlook monitors your electronic mail, faxes, and network transfers and keeps an eye on your reminders to let you know when something is due. The only way Outlook can perform these tasks is if you keep it running during your work sessions.

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