Changing Your Entire Presentation s Design

Changing Your Entire Presentation's Design

PowerPoint enables you to apply a design template to your entire presentation. No matter whether you develop a presentation with the AutoContent Wizard, with individual design templates, or from scratch, you can easily change the format and look of your entire presentation. You might change your presentation's overall design because you want to give your presentation to a different audience, perhaps one that is more or less formal than the original audience. If you're publishing your presentation on the Internet, you might want to apply a template you've created that incorporates various design elements of your Web site.


An audience change always warrants a review of your overall design. Suppose that you give a seminar to your employees on ethics and morals in the workplace and then learn that your local Chamber of Commerce wants to see your presentation. You would formalize the style when you give your presentation to strangers. You would use a more serious tone provided by another template's design.

To Do: Modify a Design Template

Use the following process to change the entire presentation's design template:

  1. With your presentation open , click the Slide Design button on the Formatting toolbar to display the Slide Design task pane as shown in Figure 13.1.

    Figure 13.1. You can apply a completely new design template to your presentation.


  2. Search through the templates for a design you prefer.

  3. When you point (not click) your mouse on a template's thumbnail image, an arrow appears to the right of the image that you can then click to provide a menu of choices. You can choose to apply the new template's design to all your slides or to selected slides, and you can even display a larger image of the template to determine whether it's one you want to use.


    You can enlarge the thumbnail views of the template's designs by selecting Show Large Previews from any of the template drop-down menus .

  4. Instead of selecting from the template menu, simply click any template style once and PowerPoint will change the slides in your presentation to match the style you clicked.

  5. After PowerPoint finishes changing the template design for your presentation, page through the slides to see whether you chose a good design. You can always go back through the process to change the design again or undo the change.

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