Section 158. Attach a File to a Message

158. Attach a File to a Message


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158. Attach a File to a Message

Through email, you can share more than just text. When you want to say more than you can with just words, you can attach a file and send it along with your message. You might attach an image, for example, to share a recent family photo with friends and relatives. Likewise, you might receive an email message with a file attached. But how do you open an attached file, or save it to your system? In this task, you'll learn how to attach files to outgoing messages and to open or save attachments sent to you.


Most email servers will stop incoming email messages if they contain attachments over a certain sizeusually 5 MB or so. Some servers stop all incoming email messages with attachments. You can make your files smaller by compressing them (with WinZip or a similar program) before attaching them to a message.

Click Attach Button

After composing and addressing your message, click the Attach button on the Mail toolbar. The Attach File(s) dialog box appears.

Select File(s) and Click Open

Change to the folder that contains the file(s) you want to attach. Press Ctrl and select as many files as you like, and then click Open .

Click Send

The files you've attached to the message appear in the Attachments list in the upper-right corner of the mail window. Double-check this list to make sure that you've attached the right file(s), and then click Send to send the email message.


If you want to preview an attachment before you send it, double-click the file in the Attachments list.

Drag and drop files from My Explorer into a Compose window to quickly attach the file(s).

You can send a web page with an email message by clicking the arrow on the Attach button, selecting Web Page , typing a web page address, and clicking OK . The page is embedded within the message and a web page link is attached to the message that can be opened in a web browser. To send a link to a web page from within Firefox, right-click the page and select Send Link from the context menu.

Save an Attachment

If you receive a message with files attached, a small paper-clip icon appears in front of the message header. When you view the message, the file(s) attached to it are listed below the message text. To save all of the attached file(s) in the same folder, choose File, Attachments, Save All . To save a particular attachment from a group of files attached to a single message, choose File, Attachments , select the file from those listed, and then choose Save As . A dialog box appears; select the folder in which you want to save the file, and then click OK or Save .

Open an Attachment

To open an attachment you've received in an email message rather than save it, choose File, Attachments, select the file from those listed, and then choose Open . You can also simply double-click the attachment's name which appears below the message text. The Opening dialog box appears; select the program you want to use to open the file from the Open with list, and click OK. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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