Chapter 15. Improving Your Drawings

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110 Draw from Scratch

111 Place Shapes on the Drawing Area

112 Draw Lines

113 About Perfecting Shapes

114 Create a New Shape

115 Fill an Object

116 About Manipulating Objects

117 About Grouping Objects

118 Align Objects

119 Add Text to a Drawing

In this chapter, you'll learn how to put the details into your drawings. Starting with a blank drawing area, there is very little you cannot generate with Draw. With the millions of colors available, today's video cards, and high-resolution screens, you have the tools to create fine drawings that can represent any picture you want to produce.



If you need to add some freehand artwork to your drawings, consider getting a drawing tablet such as the ones Watcom sells. Neither a mouse nor trackball offers the same precision control you get drawing by hand.

But Draw isn't just for drawings!

Commercial users who create art for logos, slogans, fliers, and other areas will feel at home with Draw's tools. The shapes and alignment tools ensure that your commercial artwork conveys the very message you need it to convey .

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